What to expect with your first visit

We want to make you feel as relaxed as possible when you arrive for your first massage appointment.  When you arrive at Bodyworx Massage Therapy, you will be greeted and I will help you fill out a form that will provide the Therapist with relevant information about medical history, past/present injuries or any other physical conditions that the Therapist should be made aware of.  We will run through a few Range of Motion assessments and together identify any areas that may need some attention during the massage.  This may take 5-10 minutes so it maybe advised that you arrive 10 minutes before your booked time.  The Therapist will leave the room so you can undress and get comfortable on the massage table.

During your massage. 

During your massage, the Therapist will be using different techniques, strokes and pressure, working on a pain scale of 1-10 (it is not as bad as it sounds).  From time to time during the massage you will be asked where on the pain scale the pressure is feeling.  Let the Therapist know if you would like more or less pressure.  The type of massage provided will depend on what your requirements are.  If you wanting to feel relaxed, relief some stress and tension then the Therapist will perform a Therapeutic full body massage or we can focus on specific areas of your body that are causing you pain and tension with a Deep Tissue/Sports massage.  For the entire massage you will be covered with drapes/sheet with only the area being massaged exposed.  

After your massage.

On completion of your massage the Therapist will leave the room so you can get dressed.  If it is your first massage, we will quickly repeat the Range of Motion assessments so to see if there is any changes and improvements.  As it is important to stay hydrated following a massage you will be offered a bottle of water when you leave. At Bodyworx Massage Therapy we strive to provide a warm and inviting environment where our clients feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed before, during and after their massage so your feedback is greatly appreciated so we can keep providing great, relaxing massage therapy.  A day or two after your massage you may feel some increased pain and tension in the areas that we have worked on, this is normal as we have really worked those muscles and woken them up.