Deep Tissue Massage (2 Specific Areas) -45 min

Deep Tissue Massage (2 Specific Areas) -45 min
NZ$ 60.00
45 minutes

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Deep Tissue Massage helps to release built up muscle tension and pain. We get into those deep muscles to be able to break down those ‘knots’. During a Deep Tissue Massage you may feel some discomfort or a bit of pain in the areas of pain and tension, this is normal. 

Deep Tissue Massage is beneficial for people who are experiencing constant pain, who are participating in high intensity physical activity, or have suffered a physical injury.  It will increase range of motion and flexibility, decrease DOM’s, improve performance, speeds up recovery from injury, promotes blood circulation and removes lactic acid from the muscles. 

* Note * you may experience some stiffness and soreness a day or two after your Deep Tissue Massage, this is not unusual.